The idea cohered on the train somewhere between Turku and Helsinki: take a photograph and write at least three sentences every day to etch these strange times into my memory before they are forgotten. Before the world changes completely. Surely I can manage to write a few semi-interesting sentences about each of my days. At the very least, this will force me to pay closer attention to the world. A new decade seems like the ideal time to begin this exercise.

But why make it public? Left to my own devices, my notebooks are littered with fragments and scribbles that make no sense to me a few days later. Writing for a reader, real or imagined, encourages some semblance of coherence. Making this a daily habit might help me let go of the perfectionism and doubt that have suffocated my writing over the past few years. More importantly, I want to resurrect my personal station in the digital wilderness after sinking far too much time into the fever dream of social media and its idiot scoreboards. So as I take the train from the Finnish archipelago back to the city, here’s to a return to the isles of blogging.