At the California Institute of Psychics, only two of every one hundred applicants are selected, so you’re guaranteed a good reading or your money back. A woman on the radio talked about severed feet washing up on the Pacific coastline. “Chopped-off feet are coming in with the tide, and nobody knows why,” she said.

A low voice talked about disemboweled bodies in New Mexico. “Humans don’t have the technology to suck out a person’s intestines through their naval, but I’m telling you that’s exactly what happened.” 600,000 Americans go missing every year, and everyone on this radio station believes they were abducted by aliens. The conversation steered to the Illuminati, as it usually does after midnight, and it’s a worthy fantasy: to think someone’s in charge. During commercial breaks, I sang along to radio jingles for machines that control your brainwaves while you sleep. Wake up energized and get more done.

The KLF – The Lights of Baton Rouge Pass By

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