New York City. Sunset: 6:18pm. A high of 70 degrees and 84% humidity. I can’t believe people buy humidifying machines on purpose. Seventy-two hours until C. and I head into the desert to consider whether we’d like to make it our home for a while. I’ve always imagined one day I would become a strange old man in the desert; the past year has punched the accelerator on this.

Spent a late night at the cemetery chapel, tending to After the End. There are over a thousand responses from visitors now, far more than we anticipated at this point, and the exhibit has been extended for an extra month until December 6. I’m moved by just how much people are writing. Long letters to their dead. Long letters to themselves. I see myself in the handwriting of these strangers. Apologies for not being present for a parent in their last days. The collateral damage of repression, denial, and gritted teeth. And one that says I’ve committed to helping those affected by the very thing that took you from me.

Stephen Baker – After the End

2021 | Bandcamp

The original score that Stephen Baker recorded for the installation, a beautiful sci-fi hymn.