As part of Mysteries of the Deep’s weekend broadcast on 9128.liveStephen Baker and I stitched together two hours of brand-new material along with a few ambient classics circa 1994, a touch of Connie Francis, and a recording of New York City’s nightly cheer for the essential workers who are carrying us through this heavy season. 

I’m grateful for the sense of community that Mysteries of the Deep and A Strangely Isolated Place created within a weekend: forty hours of mixtapes, live sets, and album premieres from artists around the world. There was even a disarmingly pleasant chatroom that felt like the halcyon days of the information superhighway. It’s been ages since I’ve joined so many people in listening to the same thing at the same time—and it’s a vital image right now: heads around the world bowed before their personal speakers, hearing the same song.

  1. New York City’s 7pm pandemic cheer
  2. Fluxion – Aviation
  3. Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – At First Sight
  4. Detroit Escalator Company – The Inverted Man Falling
  5. Seefeel – Air-Eyes
  6. Connie Francis – Siboney
  7. Brinkmanship I Live Set
  8. Autechre – VLetrmx21
  9. Pole – Fahren (Pitched Down Edit) 2
  10. Flying Saucer Attack – Instrumental Wish
  11. Brinkmanship II Live Set
  12. Kali Malone – The Sacrificial Code (Live in Hagakyrka)
  13. Basic Channel – Q Loop (Pitched Down Edit)
  14. Brinkmanship III Live Set
  15. Richie Hawtin & Pete Namlook – A Million Miles to Earth
Brinkmanship I, II, and III features original music by Stephen Baker and occasional broken loops and unholy amounts of reverb by James A. Reeves