"We are quite probably dreaming all the time, but consciousness makes so much noise that we no longer hear the dream when awake."
—Carl Jung

The Nightly News is a participatory video-based installation that illuminates the surreal scenes of anxiety and desire when we dream. Initially created at the American School in London as Innovator-in-Residence and expanded at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, the ever-evolving video features thousands of handwritten responses from visitors describing the striking scenes that fill their heads at night. Presenting torn responses in reverse, the video speaks to the sensation of recalling a dream: sifting through scraps, searching for meaning beyond the reach of logic.

Themes have emerged: we fall, we flee, and we search for answers. We can’t get away, our teeth fall out, and we are strangers in a strange land. Devoted to intensely private yet universally recognizable symbols that haunt us, the installation emphasizes our profound commonalities and reminds us that we’re all deeply weird creatures bound together by nerves, fantasy, and the unknown. Created in collaboration with Candy Chang.

2022, The American School In London, London, England. Projector, speakers, fabric, wood, seating, paper, pens, 36′ x 36′ x 10′ space. Installation assistance by Graham ‘Titch’ Fort, Joe Harris, Shane Murdock, Dean Hoffland, Mick Fernandez, and Youcef Benhadi. Organizational assistance by Jen Kirstein, Dean Evans, Gavin Hughes, and Cosmo Murphy. This installation is supported by the Innovator-in-Residence Program at the American School In London. | 2023, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, Michigan. Projector, speakers, wood, seating, paper, pens. Curated by Dalina Perdomo Alvarez. Organized by the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in collaboration with Michigan State University’s International Studies and Programs. Special thanks to DEI Program Coordinator Anjam Chaudhary.