A pair of snapshots from installing a new project in the chapel at Green-Wood Cemetery: last month we started painting the first of 2,880 holes, and last night Candy Chang applied the final touches as she balanced on top of a precarious platform of light. Of all our projects together, I’m most proud of this one. It’s certainly the most personal.

After losing my parents, I did not have religion or tradition to ground me. Whenever I visit a church, temple, or cemetery, I find myself craving a gesture or ceremony that might provide a sense of connection, even coherence. Perhaps these things can be invented. Maybe they’ll lead me to some sort of patchwork 21st-century faith.

After the End is now on view through November 10. More photos and a proper project description coming soon…

M83 – In Church

From Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts | Gooom, 2003 | More