It’s Election Day in America, and I showed up at my polling place to unenthusiastically vote for some Democrats. Today I learned your gun permit is an acceptable form of voter identification, which feels too American.

Pundits, pollsters, and other parasites have spent the past month predicting a bloodbath for the Democratic Party, and this seems amoral because it suggests the game has already been called, and your vote doesn’t count. But the media wouldn’t do this if there wasn’t an audience that enjoyed reading about losing, which reveals the frightening chasm between our two parties: Democrats anticipate defeat before the game begins; Republicans declare victory even when they lose.

Whether they win or lose, I hope the Democratic Party will make a cognitive leap and stand for something concrete instead of complaining while their opponents scorch the earth. It’s beyond me how you transform taxing billionaires or providing health insurance into a losing argument.

Vatican Shadow – They Always Fight the Last War

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