Another summer day in November, but I’m delighted because the sun went down an hour earlier tonight. It’s such a beautiful thing, this seasonal reminder that we can tinker with the rules. The end of Daylight Savings Time is my favorite holiday because it brings the night closer. And if you’re staying at a motel, you get a free hour. And here I return to what has become my annual appeal, perhaps even an invocation:

Changing the clocks should be the year’s biggest celebration with fireworks, parades, and gift-giving. Because if we can rearrange time, we can do anything we please. Invent new colors. Add more days to the week. Rewind the internet to 2005. Erase the borders on maps and replace money with hugs.

Tonight I flipped through an old notebook and came across this quote from Germain Bazin on the Baroque:

After two centuries of light, Caravaggio created darkness—a darkness whose nature was metaphysical. Henceforward, darkness was like a mantle of nothingness, a habit of mourning, enveloping the monk in his cell, the philosopher in his den, and the hermit in his retreat, and bending the back of Crespi’s St. Charles Borromeo, who eats his meager repast of bread and water without lifting his eyes from his book, for life is short: the days of man are numbered.

I’ll be crushed if this is the last year we fuck around with time.