Some friends visited this weekend, and we played mahjong at our kitchen table until three o’clock in the morning. A few hours later, we wandered into the desert and touched some cacti. Then we hit Spring Mountain Road for dim sum. That’s when I began to appreciate how many moods exist in Vegas and how dramatically the scenery can change in just a few miles.

In the afternoon, we went to Red Rock Casino and saw Infinity Pool, an excellent film about a man who has a life-changing experience while on vacation and doesn’t want to go home. After sunset, we huddled around a firepit in our backyard of stones. Fifteen minutes and eight miles later, we ate xiao long bao on the Strip before getting lost in corridors of soaring metal and glass. On Monday morning, I found myself wandering through the endless black-lit acreage of Meowolf, an exercise in sensory overload that left me feeling old.

But I don’t mind feeling older. It brings a liberating sense of honesty. For instance, C. and I bought a used PlayStation because we wanted to play The Last of Us alongside the new prestige television series. Maybe we’ll become gamers, we thought. And for a few hours, we diligently killed zombies and collected the ingredients for Molotov cocktails. Then we discovered we could subscribe to Britbox and access an endless supply of quiet murder mysteries. The Playstation waited patiently while we dozed on the sofa to Line of Duty, and a few days later, we returned it.

Recommendations for Britbox programming would be much appreciated.