I’ve stopped doing business with streaming music services. The algorithm has transformed music into an endless churn without sense-memory, and the idea of renting the same songs every month feels ludicrous.

But nowadays, tending to an mp3 collection feels like trying to retrofit an 8-track player. I’m spending an increasingly significant portion of my lifespan wrestling with Apple Music. Sync issues. Playback issues. And many of the songs I’ve purchased from Bandcamp or ripped from vinyl tell me I’m living in the wrong region or country and refuse to play.

The problem of managing a digital music library seemed like it was solved twenty years ago, and I’m not sure why it feels like a problem again. Can anyone recommend a solid alternative to Apple Music that will sync my mp3s with my desktop and telephone? So far, I’m leaning toward Vox, but there must be something better.

TM404 – 202 / 303 / 303 / 303 / 606 / 606

TM404 | Kontra-Musik, 2013 | Bandcamp

Here’s an all-time favorite album from Andreas Tilliander that I’d love to play on all my devices at the same time, if possible. Absolutely flawless machine bliss.